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08 Aug 2015 
Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman. </p><p>Today there's a fresh light throughout Carlisle's life: a spunky yellow Labrador named Sunshine, who had been raised by St. <p>Three a extended time ago, Shameeka Carlisle, a new former Marine from Blaine, Minn., ended up being identified as having cone dystrophy, an inherited situation resulting in vision loss and sensitivity to bright lights. Your dogs were trained and given by Southeastern Guidebook Dogs pertaining to free.</p><p>Southeastern Guidebook Dogs relies on volunteer puppy raisers to adopt inside puppies after they are 9 weeks old, adore them, train them throughout simple obedience, and expose these phones every aspect involving lifestyle so which they will most likely be confident guides when they are generally matched using a visually impaired person.</p><p>After becoming raised from the Kriseman family, Sunshine returned in order to Southeastern Guidebook Dogs within January 2014, where your woman discovered a lot much more than 40 commands throughout formal harness training just before getting paired along with Shameeka.</p><p>Shameeka along with Sunshine along with eight various other students as well as guidebook dog pairs invested nearly the month living and learning together on Southeastern Guidebook Dogs' Palmetto campus, getting for you to know each other and also perfecting key commands and forming an inseparable bond.</p>. on July 16, Carlisle along with eight additional visually impaired students graduated with their manual dogs

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07 Aug 2015 
A manager's salary can go as substantial as $90,000 per year and probably higher, depending upon location, he said.

In its 2014 annual report, Netflix acknowledges that losing certain employees would damage the particular company's business. We document revenue, net income, etc. "In our industry, there's significant along with steady competition pertaining to highly-skilled business, item development, technical along along with other personnel." 

Amid all the praise for Netflix's announcement earlier this week which it would supply its employees "unlimited" maternity as well as paternity leave, the particular Silicon Valley company neglected to cover something: Not Necessarily almost all workers are made equal.

Yet there are indicators that situations are searching up: over the past year, a slew of companies have announced raises throughout maternity along with paternity leave, including Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson as well as Blackstone. separately pertaining to every quarterly," she wrote within an email.

. The Particular advantage split inside the company highlights a new developing along with nagging divide within the U.S. Along With since the particular economic crisis, many are actually providing less paid leave as compared to before.

Just a handful of times after Netflix's announcement, Microsoft announced it would boost maternity leave benefits for its workers. Along With Silicon Valley booming these days, attracting and retaining tech talent is actually increasingly any challenge. "It can signal for the entire workforce, even those privileged, that certain employee could very well be more valued than another." Netflix should be careful for you to message its explanation for that various advantages packages internally, he said.

Virgin announced any similarly sweet-sounding paternity depart package earlier this year: 1 yr off for manufacturer new dads. Perhaps the actual U.S. Individuals income gas the actual streaming side, which usually took inside $4.7 billion in income more than the same period, but had a slimmer 16 percent gain margin, because the business spends to grow in which facet with the business.

Explaining why the actual company's DVD workers, many involving whom are usually paid out hourly, would certainly not be covered, Squeo would just state that both attributes regarding the company are operate differently. "Streaming along with DVD are generally completely separate parts of our own business with various staff, support, etc. The Particular company also has regarding 261 part-time as well as temporary workers, primarily around the DVD aspect -- however supervisors as well as managers tend to be salaried workers. Netflix declined to confirm these details.

"Benefits along with compensation within capitalism are just like some other commodity. That's why the factor is tech companies falling more than on their own in order to provide bigger salaries and also better parental depart benefits, a minimum of to some select team regarding employees.

Federal law requires significant employers to be able to supply 12 weeks associated with unpaid family leave, however compensated leave is actually a perk that's mostly left to companies in order to dole out from their own discretion. Still, your DVD division, using its 5.3 million subscribers, brought in $7.66 million within income in 2014, having a fat 48 % revenue margin. They Will were informed about Wednesday which they'd be tied to their own parental depart policy, based on one DVD-side employee which wished to remain anonymous for you to protect his job. economy -- between hot, in-demand tech workers and also managers that acquire showered with fat salaries and benefits and, well ... some other workers that are not therefore hot. 

Between 2008 and 2014, new fathers' paternity depart rewards truly shrank, as did the actual amount regarding compensated depart for initial time mothers (beyond disability benefits), according to a Families and Function Institute report upon with regards to 1,000 employers. 

Treating workers differently usually presents any risk, Scott Dobroski, a career tendencies analyst in salary site Glassdoor, advised Huffpost. As with Netflix, the newest benefit didn't cover everybody at the company -- only a tiny slice of Virgin's dads. 

Employees within Netflix's declining, however really profitable, DVD division aren't covered from the new policy, that permits new parents to consider approximately yr depart from their own discretion, business spokeswoman Anne Marie Squeo confirmed for you to The Particular Huffington Publish late in Wednesday.

Some workers are usually harder to engage along with retain when compared with others. Your report doesn't break out employees by simply division.

"We just have the raw end involving items now since streaming is bigger," said the actual DVD worker, adding which he nevertheless actually likes his job as well as feels it's good well. He mentioned workers inside the DVD division will no longer get stock options, either, yet salaried employees will take advantage of the particular company's legendary unlimited vacation benefit.

Still, as long because the country leaves your advantage as significantly as companies in order to dole out, many workers is likely to be left out with the party.

Revenues and subscribers on the company's DVD side have been declining with regard to years, easily dwarfed through the large along with developing streaming business, that has 65 million global subscribers. "These announcements tend to be the maximum amount of PR as anything else, and as you are usually able to see, tend to leave out crucial details about which gets what."

Netflix employs with regards to 2,189 full-time employees, according to its 2014 annual report. Navy do consequently within May.

Most regarding Netflix's DVD workers aren't highly sought-after, high-skilled engineers. Meanwhile, in the other finish of the spectrum, fast-food, store and even day care workers are fighting to produce $15 an hour -- never mind paid maternity leave.

Meanwhile, engineers from Netflix could make just just as much as $328,000 a year, based on self-reported information about salary site 

The advantage split among workers at Netflix will be reminiscent of the one in Amazon, exactly where hourly warehouse workers possess sued the business regarding nickel-and-diming these people over break moment pay.

The DVD aspect worker informed HuffPost that will some of his colleagues are hourly workers, creating among $12 along with $15 an hour.  The employee, that functions overnight in among your Netflix "hubs," exactly where DVDs tend to be sorted along with shipped, stated the particular policy consists of one month regarding fully-paid leave, in addition a new longer-term leave involving absence regarding partial pay. Your rarer the skills a person bring, the greater folks offer for anyone skills," Ken Matos, the senior researcher in the People and Perform Institute, advised HuffPost in an email

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06 Aug 2015 
Bureau associated with Labor Data announces occupation figures this Friday, we'll likely begin to determine the labor industry obtain closer towards the significantly anticipated marker involving 5% unemployment. as a whole, reduced tax revenues, elevated government benefit costs, weaker charitable donations, as well as higher charitable needs.

Unemployment is really a great indicator regarding measuring your variety of active job hunters which aren't in any position in order to find work. in this environment, a drop inside unemployment might actually be a bad signal since these people aren't even searching for work.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When the U.S. economy carries on to include work opportunities in a wide range of industries, it may hopefully break your pattern along with draw in a number of the practically 8 million extra folks who does always be within the labor force so if we had exactly your same participation charge such as 2007.

This could have a amount of undesirable outcomes. This particular kind associated with business turnover not just shows that people have more confidence that they can find far better jobs,but it puts pressure in companies for you to raise wages in order to be able to retain talent.

That said, we'll in addition need to see an uptick throughout another important economic indicator to think employment will be genuinely strong: labor force participation.

Paradoxically, among the key indicators we must notice rise will end up being the number of individuals quitting to check for new, much more enticing jobs. among these are reduced incomes for anyone out with the labor force, lower production as well as for that reason less income for the U.S. We expect JOLTS numbers will reflect an increasingly favorable environment for job seekers once we undertake your third quarter and also in the particular direction of the particular year's end.

In other words, a very huge percentage of people remain out with the labor force. economy. Unfortunately, lower unemployment does not imply much when gauging the accurate well being involving this economic recovery.

This week's work opportunities document won't provide much of that information, which will turn out the following week in the BLS's Task Opening along with Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS. In the actual event that they do not soon return, wages might rise swiftly and also cause inflation to always be able to tick up. so as the headlines on Friday may be typically positive, we should conserve virtually any real excitement for the possibility of viewing strong data in the JOLTS report.

As your U.S. In spite of steady job growth more than the last 12 months, the actual labor force participation minute prices are stuck down below 63%, a new charge not really seen since the particular late 1970s.

Hopefully your Fed won't you require for you to be looking to lower unemployment regarding their particular answer, but additionally towards the quitters as well as re-entrants that are trying to find some thing better.

Of course, how the Fed reads these quantities may have real implications for that U.S. Precisely what it won't present is the actual place so lots of people are sitting on the sidelines, or perhaps equally unsettling, clinging to always be able to work which aren't the best match for them.

Must Read: Warren Buffett's Top Dividend Stocks

. Yet will end up being the economy actually ready for such a move, as well as may hikes produced also soon, as well as as well rapidly, choke off economic growth just as it's poised to consider off?

Which brings us to some excellent news. Many tend to be expecting an interest rate hike as early as September. at Indeed, your world's largest jobsite by simply visitors (where I am chief economist), our information showed across the board power throughout occupation openings inside July

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06 Aug 2015 
Each of their particular qualifications influences how they're a portion of this plan and your way they could really rebel against it.

TK: This particular series features a lot to complete along with religions clashing and how each person have got various views involving what utopia is. So...having treatments for it, having treating the actual grid helps me do that, give the reader an extra incentive at the end. I result from composing novels and also I wish to create in which way. It can create it just a new little a lot more exciting, a bit a lot more different. I stole in which coming from a classic Steranko issue.

It's like 1 novel, and that's the central mystery: why does the particular Omega Men kidnap Kyle? Exactly what is their plan for him? Exactly why is it taking him coming from planet in order to planet as they're going along? As Well As you start to see that unfolding here exactly where Kyle thinks he's got a new fellow prisoner in there whom he can connect with plus fact oahu is the leader with the Omega Men together with her own plans involving what their particular relationship is supposed for you to be.

MCD: are these people grooming him pertaining to kind of a Homeland situation?

MCD: Not Necessarily even exposition, just when you've got that numerous panels. Viewing the world within this kind of various perspective which we're certainly not in the position to virtually stay with each other peacefully. A Person could say the neighborly hello in order to him about Twitter @BrendanMcGinley. That's my motto. Everything's great here.

I basically stole that and gave that will culture to Kalista. It's about creating those contrasts in between that.

TK: I can't say that, man!

TK: [laughs] No, God, they're giving me an insane of freedom. I wished to stay away from getting those explanations. so you can have three panels that are cliffhangers that go to the actual subsequent level, so it forces your eye to be able to move.

Brendan McGinley is actually editor round these parts when not necessarily writing comics as well as Cracked columns.

Lucky pertaining to you, he's back to talk with regards to in which same issue of The Omega Men #3, out these days in comic shops associated with discriminating taste everywhere, and boy are anyone currently going to need to study it, not only simply because it's an excellent title, however this problem turns every little thing in its ear. Oh boy, this truly is gonna always be good...

TK: Together With exposition?

TK: You've have got to study it. Had Been that will one thing you had been maintaining in your own mind whenever you were fleshing out your Princess?

MCD: There's any HUGE alter within this story in the kidnapping that's the complete opposite of what it seems as well as the Omega Men's leader will be revealed. He's a new DC Comics intern turned CIA analyst turned novelist turned DC Comics writer, so when not really composing stories involving super-spies, he examines cultural as well as religious clashes within this high-tension e-book beautifully illustrated by simply Barnaby Bagenda.

MCD: Thus is actually editor Brian Cunningham reining an individual in?

Barnaby always brings it again compared for you to that story, that will heart, as well as I'm grateful regarding it.

That fulfillment when you believe a new scene goes in a direction and it veers in another, a lot more intriguing one. It's a new galactic war within 20 pages.<br><br>It's sort of just like the effect whenever a camera can be held in one place inside a movie. I imply yes, regarding course. The Actual author spoke to Man Cave recently about the other best book DC publishes, Grayson, that he writes throughout collaboration together with Tim Seeley. It's virtually such as We counted. Are Generally we seeing your ex hand in the very first two issues before this? does your woman use a master plan here?

I've...spent any great deal of moment thinking about this crap.

You understand what has been cool? that time Brendan interviewed Grant Morrison.

MCD: I'm certainly not attempting to pry state secrets out of you. And Also then final week we previewed The Omega Men #3 by incorporating badass pages that anyone simply can't read with out demanding to become able to study your rest.

I'm carrying out your layouts on the nine-panel grid, thus where each and also every picture is actually around the page, I do this thus I could get the beats utterly correct.

MCD: Exactly what are you gaining whenever you stick using this fixed POV pertaining to consequently many shots?

MCD: You've previously got your next five-years plotted out associated with this book. And Also what which really does into a person to be raised like that...

MCD: Whenever you're asking this a lot of an artist, so much crystallized action, what boundaries have you been putting about yourself consequently you're providing him space in order to function in this very tight grid?

TK: Yes, absolutely. that has to accomplish a complete lot together with my occasion overseas along with getting from my own, personal religious track record as well as surviving in an atmosphere with folks of your different background. You will find nine panels. You're gaining the actual reader to consider a breath along with appreciate it.

...what author doesn't say that? "I hate my editors." No, I adore my editors. His goal ended up being to shake it up. A Person have got to become tight. Your omega symbol itself can be a symmetry, consequently I put a new ton of symmetries within the book. Consequently you have in order to think of these people as animals."

But when you're truly writing, when you're really at the keyboard, you must be incredibly scared. Broot's background will come in issue five, then the other three characters, Scrapps, Doc, Tigorr will emerge as well. I truly imply it.

MCD: are we likely to observe Kalista's year regarding living being a wolf? Your Spartan thing where that they sent you out to reside being a wild animal?

That's truly why I just like Kyle Rayner like a character. He'll push again and furthermore the editors will push back and say "No, Tom, you're receiving too stuck up your own anus here, you've in order to go from here."

MCD: Yeah, but I need to ask it. Which idea of this clash involving religions, this clash regarding empires, this clash regarding history i employed being part of and also play a very tiny role in, will end up being the central theme in the book.

TK: You're attaining quietude. at initial you never discover it. You've got novels.

I get obsessed using triptychs-I obtain obsessed using one, two, threes-first action, second action, third motion will become the climax. [laughs] That's literally my obsession. What happens between gutters and your way do I try this pacing to create it work, and just how many phrases do I want per panel to produce your eye linger...I consider that will virtually 24/7. The Actual nine-panel allows me get across a ton of knowledge without anyone getting bored to death simply by lengthy encomiums.

It's extremely plotted out. Have an individual ever believed concerning in which differential? "How far can I consider this panel yet still have or not really it's connected?"

If you in any way recognize the actual humanity with the natives, in the wedding you in any kind of way believe that "These folks in which I'm slaughtering, that my father's making me slaughter, the Alpha empire's generating me slaughter...if they're humans, if they're real people, exactly what does in which help make me? and what does that create what they're carrying out in order to me?" It could produce a truly fascinating human being, as well as that's whom Princess Kalista is.

TK: Yes, the Omega Men use a massive strategy here and also Kyle's in the middle of it. Andy's coming from...he's just such as the rebel whom joins the empire. they originated in the Alpha empire nevertheless these were kicked out regarding having their own religious beliefs as well as placed on this planet, informed "If you are generally able to rule this planet, you are able to stay safely." Along With therefore since these were put because position they needed to kill tons regarding people, these natives associated with this planet. It makes it...what's the proper phrase with regard to it? That allows you to surprise whether that they can pull it off. That's the particular higher you get may end up being the relief from the tension. "I want

make comics that are insanely exciting as well as consider risks." The Actual a pair of of us have got that inside common.

TK: It's really interesting, because Kalista, while you see-basically, she's Wolverine, she's violent, she thinks that is the answer. Also if anyone are any fan, you're likely to want to get see this issue before we acquire as any result of brass tacks-which on this book, possibly go under some infidel's thumbs until they give up the Omega Men's location.

Down we go.Crime pays.

TK: Man, this will be a excellent question. Everything's good here. Develop the particular tension, allow it go, develop the tension, let it go.

MCD: I started off asking "How way are we able to just take this panel compared in order to that panel?" Nevertheless when you're in that one place-yeah, within comics you're often forcing any perspective on somebody, however here there's less for that reader to flood in. Or, in the wedding you want to complete crazy, crazy, crazy, simple then that will hits a person harder. An Individual get to.

If anyone examine outdated Marvel comics where the writers didn't have any control of the actual beats, there's tons associated with exposition because the writers get to include a excellent deal to catch up with the art. I know this will be a weird transition, but...he's usually your one Green Lantern who had been simply chosen as they offers simply no fear. "Oh, there's a trick they will used..."

MCD: Does one at virtually any time be concerned you're overpacking any story?

But let's imagine anyone don't know King's name. I can't say anything immediately nevertheless I can easily speak about emotive as well as thematic content-

I create a new mystery as well as the mystery will most likely be solved through issue 12.


TK: [laughs] You'll locate out!

TK: Yes, not really for the very first twelve, though. " title="Omega Men Author Tom King Merely Keeps Acquiring Better"/>That fulfillment when you think any scene is going in any single direction and it veers inside another, much more interesting one.

So such a nine-panel grid will could it be permits you to be similar to "Okay, simple, simple, simple, simple, crazy," to ensure that crazy hits you harder when compared with if it is simply crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. Andy Khouri along with Brian are editing it together. Coming From the actual ages of six she's been killing these people. Along With both of which teamed up makes pertaining to automatic tension.

The tension throughout storytelling is whenever you arrive away from that will bass line, then an individual return to always be able to it, your relief is finished . that helps to create the story great. He can be scared, he will recognize what's coming, yet he continues for you to have for you to act.

MCD: is the story arc shaped as an omega symbol?


MCD: That's what she's doing that will to herself yet then Tigorr lays it even thicker upon there dissent in the ranks? Will everyone support-they're going together with all the plan but can they agree using how your woman chooses to accomplish this?

MCD: Can it play like songs for you when you take a look at it? Are Generally you hearing a rhythm when you look at it?

Barnaby adds a new large amount of in that the perspective can be along with the means to pull it out. Which program plays out over the very first 12 issues.

The nine-panel grid is particularly important with regard to Omega Men just trigger there's a lot exposition but I do certainly not want the future prospect being conscious of some of the to do that will I have to manage the particular beats actually precisely.

Not to say I'm half-Jewish and he's half-Palestinian along with we're creating a magazine concerning religion, and also it is just as an insane...he helps help to make the best editor in this book, because he's just like "Okay, we need to push it here, pull it back there." The Particular conversation...I adore these editors.

TK: Well comic textbooks are like jazz, right? Anyone have got your bass line, you have the classic song, then a person disappear from it are available again to end up being able to it.

MCD: I know you've mentioned you aren't carrying out an allegory pertaining to existing political climates, however you are doing originate from an intelligence background. They'd kill them and the kids could have to understand "Either these slaves are generally animals or even you're the killer. A Person get to obtain out of that. I also obtain obsessed with symmetries constantly. There are nine panels. Obviously the actual reader doesn't understand it, however ha ha, I do. You'd probably enjoy his supervillain comic Heist, in case a person are any fan associated with tarnished souls and brutal retribution. " title="Omega Men Author Tom King Just Keeps Getting Better"/>Very Hegelian, that.

TK: Oh, absolutely. Anytime somebody says that they don't have an answer, right? [laughs]

And it also allows you to do cliffhangers inside pages as well as outside pages. The Lady arises from this culture

-I stole it through ancient Sparta. the central aspect of what this truly is about is planning to be solved by issue 12, then there's a manufacturer new dilemma that will arrives right after that.

We counted. I'm just curious what thought you're exploring that even you don't know a much better solution yet. It's one novel. Whereas you've Primus who's essentially the woman's beau or perhaps boyfriend, who's the actual non-violent leader, the Gandhi or even the MLK of this universe. She's the particular real true believer. An Individual must have which fear.<br><br>Man Cave Daily: You're by utilizing this nine-panel grid, you've talked about your current Alan Moore influences, but it seems if you might well ask me much less such as this comic's happening within the connections that occur in the gutters and a lot more in how big a rise you'll become able to place in between them. While you've a thought arrived at you, and anyone are similar to
TK: I concern yourself with each and also every single panel I write, yes. He would always be a critic for 10 years. The idea surprises you.

Each Omega Man includes a distinct perspective in this complete factor that's according to their own background. Along With it's also thematically steady together with what the tale is.

TK: Everybody hates this, consequently I'm not really an original person saying this, however when an author will go in, Lost-style, creates any bunch regarding mysteries and thus they don't know the actual ending, "I'm just likely to keep stringing a person along," that's stupid for your reader.

We additionally got into storytelling technique inside comics as well as artwork within general, whether religions could coexist, and how his occasion inside the CIA affects this title.

Tom King: Yeah, no, that's almost all I feel about. A Person learn exactly what it can be as well as what its results tend to be from the 1st 12.

TK: Yeah, as well as I'm attempting to do some thing exactly where should you examine the very first 12 issues, all regarding the panels do something that I don't believe anyone's completed before. That's how I approach...It's funny together with writing. [laughs]

You all know The Omega Men writer Tom King. This kind of isn't inside the [Frank] Miller e-book [300]-the Spartans had slaves whom outnumbered them extremely. There's just a excellent deal to have in. You're forcing these to examine it. Exactly what ideas are a person currently attempting to explore? I've got to say, virtually any encounter similar to that, there must be several point exactly where you're pondering involving what which will in order to individuals as well as the method it affects their own personalities for many years to come.

MCD: When you've an insurgent movement similar to this, there's often a central figure who's a genuine believer, who's actually intelligent, but in addition sort of creepy, loopy. That's type of vague. You're likely to visit a lot more Kalista in issue 4 though.

We created 51 some other versions associated with this header but we've only got time and also power to demonstrate a few.We produced 51 some other versions involving this header nevertheless we've simply got time to present that a person simply few.

Very Hegelian, that. Then a person do. and I usually consider I could take action just just the little far better if I study someone. She's raised coming from six about this planet. She lives in her culture as princess and also the heir with the throne to always be able to this culture that's kind of halfway involving the Alpha and the Omega. The Actual approach these people taught their children the actual slaves

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05 Aug 2015 
"We range from call to contact for you to call. We're on the proper track."

Hazelwood's event ended up being the first stop regarding Zone 4 Cmdr. In Which doesn't occur enough," he said. Pitzarella worries with regards to violence there, the lady thinks that will it truly is just a small segment of the population that is in cost of it.

Mr. anything positive in Hazelwood is great news," he said. We don't have sufficient police officers."

"About 5 more minutes, Jim," a person known as for you to him.

"Hazelwood is definitely receiving negative news. "We're wanting to revive the actual community. "That's regarding 10 much more dunks the way these youngsters are throwing," he answered.

Cmdr. Dan Herrmann, who had been hoping in order to visit a amount of your 13 scheduled applications within his zone Tuesday night.

Paula Reed Ward:, 412-263-2620 or upon Twitter: @PaulaReedWard.

Dozens of kids split their particular moment between any bounce house, the actual Studying is actually Fundamental Story Mobile, a new fire truck, any food stand and also running via the grass because they in inclusion in order to their parents celebrated the wedding designed to aid foster a strong relationship between law enforcement and in addition the community.

. That's truly rewarding. Ms. Pitzarella desired to remain close to family and in addition to the woman's daughter's school, the particular Council involving three Rivers American Indian Center, that she praised.

Although Ms. Herrmann said, there will be much more time for you to end up being proactive in forming relationships using the community.

Just when he believed it was safe to speak just a new little smack, down he'd go again -- emerging in the obvious h2o whilst wiping his confront and also shaking his head.

And five throws later, 4-year-old Levi Garland got him.

"I enjoy it when I escape here. McLaughlin, a charter person in Hazelwood Initiative, stood about the sidewalk along 2nd Voie toweling off a new short period associated with time associated with time later because he watched the rest with the National Evening Out festivities inside his community.

If he had a lot more officers assigned for you to his zone, Cmdr. Herrmann believes there is previously have confidence in involving his officers simply by most of individuals throughout Hazelwood, nevertheless he recognizes that he'd enjoy it to become that way using everyone.

Chelsea Pitzarella attended National night Out together with the girl 3-year-old daughter Chantel, and also praised Hazelwood for how close-knit it is.

Jim McLaughlin sat around the stool in the dunk tank, bracing himself using every throw.

First, 6-year-old Brennan Godfrey got him.

"Every occasion we've an event, individuals often occur out," she said.

She just lately had been searching for a new home to purchase -- the girl visited properties throughout Munhall, West Mifflin along with other neighboring communities, but ultimately chose to remain as well as purchase throughout Hazelwood

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